The Song of War

Light was frozen,


The sun had forgotten how to smile.

Sunlight was no longer warm.

It was frozen.

It was dead.

So were the eyes of those who starred upon

The earth covered with an elaborate carpet of

Bleeding corpses,

Rotting as time skipped over them.

Rivers bleed crimson,

Tears turn red,

As winds unknown to the human eye,

Chant the ruins of human song.

This is a time of terror,

This is a time,

When chaos turned black.

Hand in hand,

Gun with gun,

Shoot down the enemy,

Conquer for your country,

They bribed us with the concept of elusive bravery.

“all’s fair in love and war,” whispered the wailing faces.

Light was frozen,


The sun forgot how to shine,

The clouds forgot how to cry.

“this is peace,” declared the priests of terror.

Soldiers fall like flowers,

Dirtied and bloodied-

Pink and red.

Their faces all the same,

Their eyes frozen,

Pleading for an escape.

The same haunting smile,

Their skin, pale and white-


“this is life,” declared the priests of terror.

Films of daylight and midnight,

Sail across the oceans of time,

As the bells of the past summers,

Echo in worn whispers.

Light was frozen,


A ghost

Surrendering its pride to its dark victor,

As the soul deserts the body,

Torn to shreds,

Shattered like the glass pieces

Scattered across the floor.


  1. A sad but true poem. Those of us who say we believe in a loving caring God must do all we can to remove the stench of evil from the situation on the ground.


    • exactly. although i am agnostic personally, i do not believe in a God as such.. i do agree with what you say. if we stop wagging mindless wars, half our problems would be solved.


  2. War is fucked up every way you look at it, but rest assured some fat cats benefit from it. They probably benefit too from the benevolent people who try to save and heal. Machin guns and the Red Cross, soldiers and doctors. There’s no evil no good, only humanity, the whole lot of it. Then, true, only sadness and sorrow pertain.


    • exactly. its just insanity how some of the most horrific wars of our times have been fought just for the sake of money and power. its just not fair.


      • i was reading somewhere about how bands such as Led Zepplin and Black Sabath actually incorporated a lot of the major themes of their times and lead the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and 1970s due to major political unrest such as the Vietnam War. it just goes to show that even if a country does go to ‘war’, the entire society isn’t always on the same page.

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      • Yes this is true and has been so through out the ages. These anti war songs have always been around. Folk songs, protest songs have always been around and hopefully they always will be they are the social conscience. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • that’s true. but i do commend the fact that in the 60s and the 70s, the whole ‘hippie’ movement was led by these songs. i really wish it would happen again. if people raise their voices, governments would have no choice but to stop. this has to stop and if we don’t stop now, i doubt we will anytime soon. as we ‘progress’ our weapons are going to just get more and more destructive. its a very scary thought that will become a reality soon enough.


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