Smoke curled from the ends of your lit ciggarette.

Alcohol stained the air-

Vodka, Rum, Tequila-

who knows? who cares?

The nights are blurred.

The days are dazed.

faces forgotten, words ignored.

Time lost.

Anger to ecstasy-

emotions heightened. An emotional roller-coaster.

Stop, but don’t.

Reality’s overrated.

Let’s start a new trend.

Confusion is the anthem of the youth;

the dominant trait of my chameleon soul.

Dreams abandoned.

Thoughts forgotten.

Aspirations stolen.

Music drowned the words.

Leave, but stay.

Stop, but stay.

Its a paradox.

Death is my remedy.

Blood is my addiction.

ConfusionĀ  is my permanent state of mind.

Repulsion are my thoughts.

Cruelty is my nature.

Redemption is false.

Peace is an illusion.

Indifference is my pathway.

Stop, but don’t.

Its a paradox.

Let’s start a new trend.