Le Miroir

Gold and silver-

Platinum maybe.

It shines.

It’s all the same.

Framing the mirror-

They say it reflects.

It doesn’t. The mirror doesn’

t reflect.

Mirrors were created by the devil.

Envy is a sin.

It poisons the heart in every reflection and whispers-

“Beauty is your only weapon. Use it for salvation”

It echoes a flawed world-

Never beautiful, never perfect, never enough.

Each reflection leads the eye to the brink of insanity.

It whispers everlasting youth-

The greatest lie of all,

Disguised as the greatest wish ever made,

Marching along with faceless soldiers

In a dream parade.

You can’t look away.

It won’t let you.

Your dreams, your desires, your wishes,

Your soul-

You are the slave of your desires.

But when you do look away,

When you return to the realm of real and the sane,

You realize-

You are drowning.

You drown in seas of fire.