Moving On

Inspired by ‘Wetsuit‘ by the Vaccines at 12 am.

Sunrise. Sunset.

Dawn. Dusk.

The clock ticks, seconds fly-

Like the birds whose wings rule the vast sky?

Each feather gliding down carelessly,

Like the white cotton clouds that glide across the sky.

What is the horizon?

The point where the earth and sky meet.

It’s an explosion of colors-

A thousand shades converging at one single point.

It looks so close but the moment you begin to reach for it,

All your fingers grab are the invisible strands of the winds,

Gentle and calm- they’re in a good mood today.

The horizon escapes, playing a game of hide and seek,

Just as you played with your siblings and your friends as a child.

Sunrise. Sunset.

Dawn. Dusk.

The clock ticks and seconds fly,

Lying on the grass,

Idle and free,

Watching the days glide by.