Le Miroir

Gold and silver-

Platinum maybe.

It shines.

It’s all the same.

Framing the mirror-

They say it reflects.

It doesn’t. The mirror doesn’

t reflect.

Mirrors were created by the devil.

Envy is a sin.

It poisons the heart in every reflection and whispers-

“Beauty is your only weapon. Use it for salvation”

It echoes a flawed world-

Never beautiful, never perfect, never enough.

Each reflection leads the eye to the brink of insanity.

It whispers everlasting youth-

The greatest lie of all,

Disguised as the greatest wish ever made,

Marching along with faceless soldiers

In a dream parade.

You can’t look away.

It won’t let you.

Your dreams, your desires, your wishes,

Your soul-

You are the slave of your desires.

But when you do look away,

When you return to the realm of real and the sane,

You realize-

You are drowning.

You drown in seas of fire.



The absolute absence of light.


The kingdom of moonlight.

Cursed to sleep,

Eyes are stitched shut viewing dreams-

Flowers if Hecate is kind and

Skulls if she is not.

Sentenced to a brief period of hibernation,

Only the rebellious winds rustle the leaves,

The flowers,

Obstructed by rocks,

Unable to slice it in two equal halves.

Droplets of condensed milk draw a translucent-trail,

Abusing the silence of the night,

Abusing the silence.

Desolation and isolation are the new norms.

Serenity is long forgotten.

Only the momentary pause of the actions of the day.

Only the momentary absence of the living.


The absolute absence of daylight.


The kingdom of the moonlight.