Part Three: Palinoia

Its full.

Its all filled.

Traditionally, Frejya and the Valkyrie picked up the bravest off the battlefield and escorted them to Valhalla.

The ancien regime died with the French revolution.

When the bullet rips through the ripe flesh of the adolescent teenager who was cheated by society and forced into war,

There I s no redemption.

“Keep calm and carry on,”

That’s all you can do.

There is no escape.

Societies destroyed, families shattered, shards of bone and severed limbs.

The soil is scarlet. Crimson. Red basically.

When the bullet rips through the muscle of the beating heart into two, that’s it.

Death overcomes you.

Don’t fear her. Let her take you. She makes life so much sweeter.

It’s a culture dedicated to warfare.

After all, torture is a form of communication.

This is not bravery. It is insanity.

Valhalla is for the brave, not for the insane.

The ancien regime died with the Russian Revolution.

Heaven died when humanity was born.



“Time is a social construct”

Such adult words, spoken at years of awkward adolescence, read from textbooks scarred with the marks of blue and black pens and Technicolor highlighters.

Or maybe, they were words that were absorbed by the sponge-like mind, spoken and forgotten, then repeated as a parrot does.

The meaning is forgotten, or maybe unknown from the very beginning.

You were there and so was I.